People of all ages and abilities have joined Christian Team Athletics. Some are nationally competitive athletes. Others are of average athletic ability who enjoy participating in races, funruns, and training runs. Whatever their abilities, CTM members enjoy using a portion of their time and their interest in running to improve their physical health potential, develop a practical yet deeplyrooted faith in Christ, and learn to communicate the "Good News" of Jesus Christ in non-pressured situations.


A Christian athlete’s testimony is more effective when his/her physical health and/or athletic ability is developed to it's maximum potential. As a member, you will receive our official newsletter of CTM, which is published four times a year. Each issue contains valuable information to help you achieve your goals and realize your potential through a balanced development of the physical, mental, social and spiritual areas of life.


In addition, any member of CTM may receive qualitycoaching advice at any time and direct, personal coaching depending on logistics. The advisory coaching staff includes competing members of CTM who have experience in coaching high school, college and masters athletes, as well as those who work as physical therapists, nutritionists, and doctors.




CTM assists members to attain ministry effectiveness and total reliance on God's strength. Throughout the USA, the National office charters CTM Chapters", so that members can meet together regularly and learn how to represent Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. CTM offers three types of charters: (1) Church, (2) Community, (3) College.


"CTM Chapters" contribute to an individual's spiritual strength and ministry effectiveness by providing:


VISION & STRATEGY, not only allowing members to significantly influence their local sports and recreation community for Christ, but through CTM nationallysponsored activities and athletic outreach events, they can have a national impact.


TRAINING in the basic ministry skills of prayer, evangelism, and discipleship.


RESOURCE MATERIALS designed specifically for ministry with athletes and their families.


SUPPORT, reinforcement and mutual encouragement through fellowship.


PRAISE & WORSHIP of the Lord in a team environment.




As a person's full potential of physical health is realized and the source of his spiritual strength is discovered, a new attitude of confidence emerges  not merely selfassurance, but a total reliance in the Lord Jesus Christ. With this complete confidence many CTM members have a renewed enthusiasm to "GO" with the gospel into their community.

CTM provides innumerable opportunities to be involved in community and CTM activities, which include:

· Holding leadership positions in your own CTM Chapter.

· Conducting athletic seminars and aerobic clinics for corporations, running clubs, high school and college teams.

· Sponsoring fun runs, major sports events, and sports camps.

· Conducting Chapel Services in conjunction with major races.

· Speaking at sports awards banquets, running and fitness seminars, churches, schools, and youth club meetings.

· Personally sharing your faith in informal, non pressured situations during training runs. Coaching CTM members or others in your community.

· Competing on a CTM missions team, bringing the message of Christ into other countries throughout the world.

· Running on a nationally competitive CTM Team and sharing the Gospel over radio, television, and through popular sports magazines.

Please see the Index of CTM Programs and Ministry Opportunities for more ways to get involved in sports ministry.


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