Pastor Gary Quinlan recently joined CTM as Director of Pastor & Leader Development.  Currently, Gary is working with the local churches, pastors and government leaders in the Philippines, as well as cross-cultural ministry projects. The goal is very simple (but not easy), "be well pleasing to Him and to carry out his plan." (2 Cor. 5:9).  Be equipped and be an equipper.


Jesus was moved with compassion for the crowds, and I have a renewed heart for (Luke 10:2) "The harvest is so great, but the workers are so few.  Pray to the Lord... ask Him to send out more workers for his fields."  Jesus directs us to cast our nets again in the ministry of fishing for men. (Luke 5:1-11)


We encourage you to open your heart and mind to the possibilities of assisting us through your specific prayer and Financial investment as we serve together with not only the pastors and leaders in the Philippines, but also for others who minister beyond our geographical borders.  Here is just one way that you may make a difference today:


AN OPPORTUNITY TO HELP EQUIP PASTORS IN THE PHILIPPINES:  CTM has begun a special project to assist pastors, teachers, and students in the Philippines.  It is the Pastors and Students' Resource Center Project, located in the Bacolod City.  One of the greatest needs expressed during our missions trip last summer by the Filipino pastors was to open a resource center available to all pastors and students in the region.  Pastor Bravo found a 1500 Square-foot building for rent at a cost of only $150/month rent... And it's located directly across from the City Hall in Bacolod City! After several months’ renovation of the building, the Resource Center opened this month.

Here are a few ways how you and your church may help.


(1) We need more new or used resource materials (donated books and libraries from pastors, computers, ministry media materials etc) that we are currently collecting in order to send ASAP in a large shipping container.


(2) We need additional funds to maintain operation of the Resource Center.  The monthly rent for the Resource Center is $150 and the staffing and utilities would be an additional $290/month (An ongoing total of only $440/month).  It will also cost us approximately $2,800 to ship the container.


If you or people in your congregation would like to assist in this project, please contact us today.

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